Our Recent Presentations!

During this academic year, the members of the lab have had the opportunity of presenting their hard work at the 2019 FOTA conference (Nov 17-18, 2019). Below are the presentations that were featured:

Group process for supporting occupations of college students with learning disabilities & attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: Lessons learned 

Presented by: Dr. Consuelo Kreider, Sharon Medina, Jianna Apostle, and Mackenzi Slamka

Exploration of factors impacting occupational performance related to productivity expectations for undergraduates with learning disabilities and ADHD

Presented by: Mackenzi Slamka, Kasey Focazio, Sharon Media, Gerard Garvan, and Dr. Consuelo Kreider

Exploration of Salient Skills and Attributes of College Students with Learning Disabilities and ADHD for Successful Occupational Performance

Presented by: Sharon Medina, Haley Benner, Kelly Dillon, Mackenzi Slamka, and Dr. Consuelo Kreider

Preliminary analysis of social word use for students with learning disabilities and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Presented by: Kristina Kobza, Gerard Garvan, Sharon Medina, Jianne Apostle, and Dr. Consuelo Kreider


Want to know more about the students? Check out brief biographies here!

Kasey and Jianne Poster